Custom Branded Multi-factor Authentication App & Transaction Authorisation

UNLOQ is (probably) the only technology company able to provide you with a Custom Branded Multi-factor Authentication solution that comes at a similar price as implementing an SMS-based second factor authentication solution. What our new Mobile App can do for you and your users: • Authenticate users through Push-notifications, Time-based one-time password or Email. These can be implemented as a second factor, or as the default mechanism. • Authorise transactions or any sensitive actions that you define in your site. • Generate personal encryption keys that will let you encrypt/ decrypt users\' data directly into the browser. That means zero-knowledge at the application level. • Open a new communication channel between your company and its users through push notifications. • [Coming soon] Add post login responsive web pages where users are logged in after they authenticate with your mobile app. We make your valuable data irrelevant to hackers!