Udviser by ROAR

Your Personal Augmented Reality Adviser

Udviser is a mobile app that brings augmented reality into everyday life. It is designed to provide users with all necessary information in one place as well as bring the magic of augmented reality. What users need to do is simply scanning the item and get ready to discover AR!

Currently, Udviser is beta testing three use cases: movie posters, packaged food and money bills.

By scanning movie posters, moviegoers will get the best movie experiences. Udviser provides opportunities to watch trailers directly on the posters, see reviews, find the nearest theaters and book tickets. Interestingly, users can scan any posters all around the world and get relevant AR content.

By scanning packaged food products, shoppers will immediately get valuable information about the product, nutrition facts, videos, customer reviews, hot promotions, nearest stores and lowest prices.

By scanning dollar bills, users will get access to real time money converter.