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The enormity & efficacy of social media has been proved countless times. Today, when bigger players are hiring professional social media agencies to maintain their presence, smaller ones, are often left behind or worst come, neglected in the vast social sea.


Solomofy was born out of this realization and as a result of countless meetings we had with small businesses - restaurant owners, individuals, professionals, marketplace sellers and owners of not "so cool" enterprises. We realized that they had a story to tell but were constrained by-


  1. a) Decreasing efficacy of traditional media - Print, Pamphlets, Hoardings etc.
  2. b) Lack of understanding of Digital Media
  3. c) Lack of a partner who could tell their stories on a regular basis, interestingly
  4. d) No good agency wants to work on small budgets


We knew that we had a problem at hand. We looked at our processes and realised that if we could minimise the cost of client servicing and rework, we had a big enough opportunity to help lakhs of SMEs out there, without compromising on the quality.


And hence, Solomofy was born.Solomofy Technology Private Limited is powered by SoLoMo Media- one of India’s leading social media agencies. The team that has managed social media presence for many name brands at SoLoMo Media, now takes the reins at Solomofy to electrify the social presence of SMEs in India.


Since setting up shop earlier this year, Solomofy has already helped many brands to bring their users together in a community, develop & maintain their social presence and communicate a lot better anywhere digitally.


Please visit- for more information on Solomofy including videos and client testimonials. Solomofy Technology Pvt. Ltd. is powered by Solomo Media- one of India’s leading social media agency.


If you would like further information about Solomofy, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

Rohit Awasthi, Co-Founder, Solomofy



Twitter: @rohitawasthi