Purchasing Assistant Microsoft Dyna

Keep accurate record of your purchase or

Purchasing Assistant is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM plugin that keep record of your purchases and generates purchase orders. This plugin helps you to make your purchasing process more efficient with better inventory and payment tracking.

Highlighted Features

  • From Sales section you can go to Order field and create a new order or select from the existing orders. You can add product name, price per unit, quantity and can also select the suppliers available for the specific product.

  • Once you have generated purchase order, it can be displayed on the order page with all the relevant defined data that you would have selected while generating the PO. You can save the PO in PDF format for which you have to navigate to “Run Report” and then “Purchase Order”.

  • Creating Purchase Invoice is the next step that you have to take once you have generated purchase order. To generate the purchase invoice for the PO you have to navigate to “More Command” and “Create Purchase Invoice”.


More Details : https://store.biztechconsultancy.com/purchasing-assistant.htm