Near Peer

Fast,Easy and Secure

we have developed a new offline chat android App and want all of you to review this App. Link to register as tester: Description:- Near Peer allows you to chat with your nearby peers(friends) while offline or without internet within range of 100 mtrs. You just need to on the WiFi option , Near Peer would automatically connect with your nearby peers. Its is completely free and doesn\\\'t depend on any network connectivity. Near peer lets you message your friends and family without any internet restriction from both sides. Why should you use NEAR PEER: # FREE : Near Peer is totally free , you neither have to pay us nor any data charges would apply. # GROUP and PRIVATE CHAT : You can send messages freely to your peers in private or in groups. # MESSAGE BACKUP : Even when your friend is not connected to you then also you can send messages and we would receive it once he or she comes in your range. # FILE SHARING : Users can also would be able to share files both privately and in groups. # AND MANY MORE : Blocking or ignoring unwanted users , clearing chat history , user name change and many more to come soon. Give your valuable feedback:- Visit our Website: