Digital Office of the Small Business

What is Kobikit? Kobikit.com is a web based (SaaS) platform for business teams to collaborate in a multiple workspaces, which helps small and medium sized businesses (SMB) attract and retain customers by enabling their team to work more effectively together inside and outside of the company ecosystem, and engage with their prospects and customers to create long term “relationships”. What makes Kobikit special? The main differentiation point of Kobikit is CUSTOMIZATION at all levels - how it gives the control back to people in managing their daily work. Users make their own calls about how to structure their projects, teams and workflows by creating their own workspaces and giving authenticated access to them for people as they wish. Not only users have full control of their working evironment and the other prople to work with, but thanks to kobikit.com\\\'s free app store, they are able to structure, create and present any data