Free group goal setter app

Happy Peers is built on the magical principal of "Positive Peer Support". This free App helps to connect you with your peers who have similar interests. Using this App, you work on your goals along with your peers while strengthening the bonds of friendship and developing a more healthier relationship with them. At the end of the day, everyone wins. We bring in loads of happiness and success to your life. #HaveFun FEATURES GOAL TRACKING: App helps you to set goals with your peers, work on those goals together and motivate them all the way. Stay connected with the constant updates about the goals from your peers. Make them accountable if they slack. #NoSlacking. REAL-TIME MESSAGING: All the Happy Peers messages are sent over the cloud in real time. You get to connect to your peers instantly and you won't have to login to any account on your computer or phone. Your messages are one tap away. PHOTO, VIDEO, LOCATION : Happy Peers help you to share photos, videos, location, contacts in group and individual chats. CONTENT SHARING: Happy Peers helps you to share as much content as you want with with your friends on HappyPeers via text, emoji's or attachments like photo, video, location. Also share pictures and videos to other apps like Snapchat, FB, Twitter, Instagram etc. GROUP CHAT: Happy Peers helps you to form common interest groups with your peers, triggering healthy, motivational and fruitful discussions. We help you to spread positivity and "I can Do it" spirit. Happy Peers App allows you to form multiple common interest groups with different people. Example : A) Eat Healthy group with Justin, Brad and Tina. B) Economics study group with Jessica and Kyle. INDIVIDUAL CHAT You could always send a personal message to your peers and communicate effectively via texts, emoji's or photos, videos, location etc sharing. EMOJI'S Happy Peers makes conversations super fun and fluid via emoji's. App has regular emoji's and our custom HappyPeers Emoji's. We hope that that you like our custom emoji's.