Hmmm a Personal Trainer? Who? When & Whe

Fittfind is an emerging company which seeks to create a revolutionary digital platform in connecting sole traders such as personal trainers, physiotherapists and sports therapists, group exercise instructors etc to potential clients. As a Multi Sided Platform, fittfind eliminates the associated transaction costs such as; information asymmetry, trust issues, Search costs and transaction-clearing.

Fittfind will aim to provide fitness industry professionals to a pool of clients in order to mutually interact through a one-to-one service. One of the main advantages of Fittfind is that it will enable personal trainers to conduct their business digitally from the logistics of accepting sessions digitally, right through to managing of payments. On the client side, Fittfind allows individuals to have the luxury of choosing a personal trainer based on their own preferences such as gender, skills and experiences to reach their fitness related goals. Fittfind also allows clients to control the price range and level of personal trainer they seek as we acknowledged that purchasing power is of importance when seeking a service.