AirBnb for Fitness Studios

FitKey is a new type of gym membership that gets members access to the best independent gyms, studios, and fitness activities and rewarded through their medical aids. Currently serving Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa.

South Africa is an incredibly fitness oriented market, in part thanks to the $250+ million in membership subsidies paid out by medical aids. Until now due to technological limitations, only two large fitness chains, Virgin Active and Planet Fitness have been able to participate in the subsidy schemes.

FitKey is the technological and marketing aggregator allowing independent gyms and studios to work with the medical aids, get their memberships subsidized, and compete directly with the big box gyms.

FitKey is growing an average of 20% month on month and recently partnered with MMI, one of South Africa's largest medical aid and insurance companies.

We're looking to raise capital to aggregate all of the independent gyms and studios in South Africa this year.