Smart Bike Share Technology with Heart!

EcoBike is a start-up company that wants to shake up the bike-sharing industry in a number of ways. Two of the most precious commodities in life is our health and time, and we want to help you with both! At EcoBike, we're passionate about many things; cycling, affordable living, convenient transport options and our impact on the environment. Not only that, we're hugely passionate about giving back to society. We believe that by offering a fantastic new model of app-based bike sharing in the U.K, we will revolutionise the industry - unlocking the potential of people by saving users time, money and a lot of hassle.

The majority of students that travel to university from their halls or accommodation primarily walk, due to the cost of other transport options or simply, it is the most convenient. When I was a student, I had to walk over 45 minutes to get to university from my flat, and that is a lot of time wasted. Just think, one and a half hours a day simply getting to lectures and back - I could do so much more in that time. What if we could reduce that time to 30 minutes, without breaking the bank?

Well, that's exactly what we plan to do.  People are becoming aware that transport options are limited in most towns and cities, and whilst universities and local authorities are trying to do something which is sustainable and environmentally-friendly, it simply isn't always cost-effective. One example of a bike-sharing scheme in the U.K, which costs the tax-payer, for one bike docking station and 10 bikes, costs £10,000! That is a ridiculous sum of money due to bureaucracy and many other issues that come with publicly-funded schemes. Most of these systems are heavily subsidised by either business through sponsorship, local authorities, central government and charities. We can provide a stationless system for much less, meaning we can pass these savings onto the user.

In the U.K, we cycle a very small amount (4% average of the U.K population). I'd like to change this, and bring us inline with our European neighbours. How can this be done? Simple - provide truly affordable, convenient transport with added benefits via our app. 

You'll not only get a new, fast, affordable and environmentally free transport option to get around your town, city or university, but you'll also help to plant new forests, contribute to cleaning our nations fantastic yet rubbish ridden beaches, reduce pollution, reduce congestion, increase health and fitness or even donate to a general fund for EcoBike to donate to our partners. EcoBike will have a network of bikes around your area to allow you to get from A to B with ease. 

It couldn't be simpler to use the app. We've designed it so that you can find a bike in the user's vicinity, with icons clearly showing where the bikes are. You can tap on the bike you want, and reserve it for up to 10 minutes, giving you time to walk to the bike's location as well as ensuring that you have a ride home. Once the user finds the bike, they scan the QR code - wait a few seconds and ta daaa, the Smart Lock will unlock and off they go. Simple right?

Bikes will be conveniently located around university halls and the campus - so that at any time, a user will be within a 100m radius of a bike. Convenience, affordability and user-driven experiences are what EcoBike is founded on.

Key Perks of the App

Some of the most interesting perks of the app are the following:

  1. Tracks calories / miles / co2 saved / money donated to charity
  2. Allows users to connect with friends so - friend leaderboards show stats
  3. Membership fees for monthly / yearly access or pay per use - flexible + affordable use
  4. Social-media focussed - interactive experience with friends, family and peers

Using EcoBike, we will be collectively donating £1000's to good causes. You will be a giver in many different ways, you will become part of our team, helping us to protect the UK's air, water, forests and bees plus supporting other charities which aren't all about the environment. You will be an essential cog in the EcoBike by allowing us to promote clean living, healthy lifestyles and create a cycling revolution which will benefit the whole of the UK, not just economically, but personally for people, their health, their wellbeing and much more. 

We aim to have within 1 year, 1000 bikes on the ground with over 1,000,000 individual hires and 10 million miles ridden, which will result in over ££££ donated to charity, millions of co2 being saved, millions of hours saved for our riders, £1000's saved from switching to a low-cost transport option and most likely, a fitter group of people.