File Sharing and Collaboration

All-in-one collaboration, file sharing and productivity platform for teams of all sizes.

We know that you have a lot to do. For every task you have to download a tool, to login, to copy and paste files. With so many tools, it is hard to keep everyone and everything on the same page.

CollaboraZon is the new tool that unifies them all. It’s all you need to run a project and keep your team organized. You can even get up to terabyte of cloud storage. It’s that simple.

You can create collaborations with people. Find collaborators between the registered users or send them an invitation to register and start collaborating. Also, get feedback from your team members, share opinions and comments. 

You can create spaces and subspaces as you do with folders and subfolders in your desktop computer. You can share your spaces with multiple collaborators. Upload files of any type in your spaces or spaces shared with you. These files will be shared with the collaborators sharing the space. Only the person who uploaded the file and the owner of the space are.

There is powerful event management system included. Add an event to your calendar. Events can help to organize your work or just to remind you of an important deadline.